James Paterek

Business Executive

James Paterek is a distinguished professional with a rich and diverse career in various sectors of the business world.

He serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Millbrook Support Services, Inc., a trusted provider of healthcare staffing services to government agencies. In this pivotal role, he oversees the deployment of a highly skilled workforce, including physicians, nurses, advanced practice providers, and Allied Healthcare experts, ensuring that government entities have the essential personnel needed to fulfill their critical missions. His leadership ensures the efficient delivery of these vital healthcare staffing services.

In tandem with his responsibilities at Millbrook, he holds the CEO position at Paterek & Company, a private consultancy specializing in the Human Capital sector. This sector encompasses many businesses, from staffing and outsourcing to consulting enterprises. Under his visionary guidance, Paterek & Company offers invaluable insights and strategic counsel to empower businesses to thrive in the competitive landscape of the Human Capital sector.

A defining chapter in his career unfolded as the founder and chairman of COMFORCE Corporation, a prominent publicly traded company formerly listed on ASE: CFS. COMFORCE emerged as a staffing, outsourcing, and financial services leader, boasting a global presence with 76 offices and over 11,000 employees. The company operated across three core business segments: Human Capital Management Services, Staff Augmentation, and Financial Outsourcing Services. Under his visionary leadership, COMFORCE became named the fastest-growing public staffing company by SIA for two consecutive years. During this transformative period, COMFORCE's net revenue soared from $12 million to nearly $500 million, resulting in an impressive $800 million in gross system-wide revenue. Simultaneously, the company's operating profit experienced significant growth, surging from $245,000 to almost $31 million. This extraordinary success story was driven by a combination of organic year-on-year expansion and the successful execution of nearly a dozen strategic acquisitions.

Before his tenure at COMFORCE, he embarked on an entrepreneurial journey as the founder and CEO of a private holding investment firm. Here, he demonstrated his exceptional ability to raise substantial capital, securing an impressive sum of $300 million. Under his astute leadership, the firm engaged in strategic acquisitions of portfolio companies, collectively amassing an annual revenue of $500 million.

His impressive career extends beyond his achievements; it encompasses his expertise in acquiring, financing, and seamlessly integrating businesses. He has an outstanding track record, including successfully completing over twenty-eight acquisitions and procuring over $600 million in investment capital for these ventures. Furthermore, his financial acumen is evident in his adept navigation of the complexities of financial markets and his skillful management of public companies.

James Paterek's journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication, innovation, and strategic leadership. His presence continues to shape and influence the ever-evolving landscape of business and entrepreneurship.

Portfolio: https://jamespaterek.com/